Walter Ian Kaye
766 Live Oak Avenue
Menlo Park, CA 94025-4856
(650) 323-7319, (650) 938-6426

walter [at] natural-innovations [dot] com

Objective: To provide you with productivity-enhancing solutions using AppleScript, Excel or FoxPro, and/or to build helpful and easy-to-navigate Web sites using HTML and Perl.
Summary: Special expertise in creating applications with an intuitive user interface (custom pull-down menus, dialog boxes, and message prompts). Strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Knowledge of accounting and electronic engineering, experience in teaching, and proficiency in programming on both Macintosh and PC combine to give a unique vantage point.
1/94 - 10/97
Freelance consulting/programming/webmastering:

Web sites
Special expertise in hand-coded tables and browser-friendly scalability
(A web page is a form of customer service; all visitors should be treated with respect, regardless of what browser they are using or how wide their window is.)

  • Natural Innovations <>
    - 100+ pages; most popular: BinHex Info, [an error occurred while processing this directive] accesses; Dark Shadows, [an error occurred while processing this directive]; HTML Document Character Set, [an error occurred while processing this directive]; Directory of Files, [an error occurred while processing this directive]; AppleScript, [an error occurred while processing this directive]
    - BinHex Info: mentioned in Macworld magazine, April '96 issue
  • ICS <>
    - wrote 4 CGIs for pctest: a pair of get/put CGIs for remote editing of data file, the main score calculator (using the data file) CGI which displays the results graphically, and a detailer CGI which explains each test question and its scoring.
  • Dr. Kiper <>

CGIs written

  • navmenu -- Web site navigation aid; drives pop-up page menu and logs its usage. Includes anti-hijacking code to protect the log.
  • keymail -- Spambot-thwarting form-mail script.
  • css -- Stylesheet-picker, called as a server-side include.
  • quote -- Quote picker, called as a server-side include.
  • count -- Page counter, called as a server-side include.
  • fw -- Redirection script.
  • 4 CGIs for ICS site (see above).
  • -- Library of CGI-related functions (form field parsing, error pages, etc.).

Applications written

  • Web-a-Chord (FaceSpan/AppleScript) -- graphically generates HTML table of guitar chords.
  • ClipNamer (AppleScript) -- watches desktop for new clipping files, and prompts for name.
  • RamSalvage (Pascal) -- helps recover unsaved text from RAM after computer system error.
    - mentioned in MacAddict magazine, May '97 issue

Scripts, Macros, & Functions written

  • AppleScript -- Drive Icon Reposition, Eudora Switcher, HideAnyApps, StuffNamer, etc.
  • ProTERM -- Function libraries for InternetConfig parsing, text manipulation, datatype conversions, Apple events, script debugging, prefs file reading/writing, etc. Several of these libraries ship with ProTERM itself <>.
  • Excel -- File format translators, numeric and date conversions, text and data manipulations, file and window management utilities, report generators, etc.
  • FoxPro -- Date/time format conversions, MIME decoder, text-wrap functions, etc.

11/97 - present
SLAC, 2575 Sand Hill Rd, Menlo Park, CA
- getdoc
- pubpage
- pubrfind
- annfind
- Announcement System
- htmlme/moveme
- beamline
- Wrote script to generate and populate SGML form 241.1 for the Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI), assisting SLAC in completing DOE's goal to transition to electronic scientific/technical reporting three years ahead of schedule.
- idoc
- Provided HTML expertise (table creation, troubleshooting) and MS Excel spreadsheet programming services to coworkers.
1/94 - 12/99
GEnie online service
Macintosh Help Desk Consultant, 2 nights/week (1/94 to 12/99)
- Answer subscribers' questions on usage of online service, downloading files, and general Macintosh issues.
Internet Help Desk Consultant, 1 night/week (9/95 to 12/99)
- Answer subscribers' questions on usage of Lynx, telnet, newsreader, HTML, and other issues related to Internet and Genie.
Remote Microsoft Tech Support for MacOffice, via email (Summer/Fall '95)
- Answered questions from GEnie, AOL, and Compuserve subscribers relating to usage of and difficulties with Microsoft Office for Macintosh (under subcontract from Microsoft).
12/93 - 1/95
Vital Computer Services, 117 E. 24 Street, New York, NY
(client: American Express [Travel Related Services], 1/94 - 1/95).
Co-created Excel program which processes financial data from a variety of input sources to generate MIS financial reports. This program, SE/CM, is now used at nineteen Amex locations worldwide.
1/92 - 9/93
E.W. Williams Publications, 2125 Center Avenue, Fort Lee, NJ
Implemented complete change in production method of two national and international trade magazines. Trained editors and production managers on PageMaker, QuarkXPress, and Word, so that layout, which was previously done by manual paste-up, is now done entirely on computer, with disks sent to the printer, thereby saving thousands of dollars with every issue. Wrote Excel macros for Finance Dept. Developed FoxPro database for mailing list.
10/90 - 7/92
America Online
Mac Utilities Forum Consultant, Chat Room Host.
11/91 - 12/91
Philip Morris USA, 120 Park Avenue, New York, NY
Excel Graphics Developer. (Hired to produce project on deadline.)
Created charts for corporate presentation. Provided user support.
2/86 - 7/91
American Integrity Insurance Co., 2 Penn Center Plaza, Philadelphia, PA
Designed and coded database and spreadsheet programs which track sales and employee production, and which generate daily, weekly and monthly reports. These programs are complex, with many source documents, yet easy-to-use, since entries are made via a series of dialog boxes. Authored form letters for standard use by refund department. Installed word processing center and led training sessions.
Education: Control Data Institute, 4 Penn Center Plaza, Philadelphia, PA
Office Technology course, majoring in microcomputers.

American Business Institute, 1657 Broadway, New York, NY
Graduated with a Certificate of Business Administration.
Certificate of Achievement in Accounting.
Mailing Lists: Subscribed to the following: html-wg, www-html, www-font, ietf, MacScrpt, FaceSpan, FMPro-L, fmweb-talk, and others.
Hobbies: Graphic Arts, Electronics, Audio/Video, Guitar and Piano, Singing, Composing, Tutoring, Cooking, Designing, Inventing, Writing.

Fluency   Language/Program Version/Platform
 [8:2/0]   AppleScript 1.1 Mac
 [8:2/0]   HTML 3.2/(IE, Nav, Lynx)   n/a
 [7:7/0]   XLM/(Excel) 4.0  Mac, 4.0  Win
 [7:2/0]   DIRC/(ProTERM) 1.5  Mac
 [2:2/0]   Xbase/(FoxPro) 2.6  Mac, 2.5  Win, 1.02  DOS
 [2:1/0]   Perl 5 (CGIs for Web) Unix
 [1:1/3]   WordBasic/(Word) 2.0  Win, 6.0  Mac
 [1:1/5]   Xbase/(dBASE) III  DOS
Macintosh Windows DOS Unix
AppleScript 1.1-1.8  Perl 4-5
FaceSpan 1.0-2.1 
Netscape 1.0-4.0  Lynx 2.4-2.8
Excel 1.0-4.0  Excel 2.0-4.0 
ProTERM 1.0-1.5 
FoxPro 2.5-2.6  FoxPro 2.5 FoxPro 1.0-2.0   
FoxBase+/Mac 2.0    dBASE III 
R&R Report Writer  
Word 3.0-6.0  Word 1.0-2.0    Word 3.0-5.5
ResEdit 1.2-2.1 
Color It! 2.0-3.0 
clip2gif 0.7 
Fluency Legend: Proficency = 1-9 (higher is better); Total Years = 1-9; Years Since = 0-9 (lower is better).
Other Skills: Writing DOS batch files, Forms design, Double-entry bookkeeping, English and Math (99th percentile SAT scores).

This document is also available in PostScript format.

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